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It’s time to sum up everything we’ve seen in the tests. You may have noticed that the results produced by the synthetic IOMeter generally agree with what was produced by the two versions of our real-life benchmark FC-Test.

We can also see that today’s USB flash drives have improved over their predecessors in terms of read and write speed. The oldies OCZ Rally and A-DATA My Flash RB15 haven’t managed to compete with the leaders of this test session. But they are not downright bad in comparison, either.

So, we’d first like to single out the Sony Micro Vault USM-EX Turbo model that knows no rivals when it comes to writing. The highest read speed is provided by the Kingston Data Traveler II Plus Migo Edition which has almost hit the 200x mark.

So, these are the two models you should take into consideration if you care about the speed of your flash drive. Well, other drives from this review, particularly the Apacer Handy Steno HT203, Kingston Data Traveler Elite, OCZ Rally and A-DATA My Flash RB15, deliver high performance in general, too. But which is better?

The Sony Micro Vault USM-EX Turbo seems to be the absolute leader, providing an optimal combination of high read and write speeds. Its price is moderate, too, whereas the Apacer Handy Steno HT203 costs almost the same money as the Transcend JetFlash TS1GJF210 FingerPrint, the most technically complex device in this review that combines a flash drive and a fingerprint sensor. The latter is rather slow by today’s standards, though.

We guess there is no sense in purchasing the Transcend JetFlash V30 that has a very low write speed and costs as much as the considerably faster alternatives. On the other hand, you may like its design and small dimensions. Of course, tastes differ, so you may have quite a different opinion than ours.

And one final remark. We’ve tested particular samples of the drives and we cannot guarantee that other samples of the same model will perform exactly like that because some Asian manufacturers may use different electronic components, those that they have currently in stock, in one and the same model.

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