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Kingston Data Traveler II Plus Migo Edition DTII+M/1GB

The compact case of this drive is made of gray plastic that looks like a metal. The coarse black plastic inserts in the sides prevent your fingers from slipping off the device. There is a shiny cover piece on the face side of the drive with the name of the manufacturer and a blue LED indicator of operation mode. Two shiny cover pieces on the reverse side of the device show the name of the model and its capacity.

The Data Traveler II Migo Edition series includes drives with a storage capacity of 256MB, 512MB, and 1, 2 and 4GB. The manufacturer declares a read speed up to 19MB/s and a write speed up to 13MB/s. The drive is equipped with a USB 2.0 interface. Its dimensions are 67.7 x 20.8 x 9.0mm; its weight is 11.3g.

The drive comes with a quick start guide, a neck cord, and software (stored on the drive itself).

We’ve already reviewed this model on our site, but the results of the tests you’ll see below suggest that the manufacturer has quietly upgraded the product without changing the numbers in its specs.

The software pack consists of Migo Software and Secure Traveler with accompanying manuals in PDF format. The former program allows the user to store important personal data (from Microsoft Outlook) on the drive and access them on other computers. The owner of the drive will have access to his/her e-mail accounts and will be able to receive and send e-mail letters. The correspondence will be stored right on the flash drive, so you can process it later without having Internet access. The Migo program allows using your personal preferences in Microsoft Internet Explorer, namely Favorites, Cookies, History and Home page. While working not at your own PC, your personal data are stored on the flash drive and are kept secure in three ways: 1) all the information about the websites you visit is deleted, 2) you can safely work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files located on the drive and create new files, and 3) the names of the recently used files (Start → My Recent Documents) will be deleted on your exiting Migo.

The Secure Travel utility protects your confidential data by creating two zones on the drive, for general and private access. You’ll need a password to work with the data in the private zone.

The drive sells at $33 on average.

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