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Transcend JetFlash TS1GJF210 FingerPrint USB Drive

Here is the most exciting model in the review. It even looks different. The cap on the USB connector is made of transparent silvery plastic and is comparable in length to the whole length of the device here. You’ll get the reason for this design solution as soon as you remove the protective cap. There is a scanning field at the top of the drive which is the feature that distinguishes this device from the rest of the models included into this review. The case is made from black plastic whereas the LED indicator is designed in such a way that it highlights the orange round insert that shows the model capacity. The insert also gives you a finger-hold when you are extracting the drive from a tight USB connector.

The JetFlash TS1GJF210 series consists of only two models, 1 and 2GB in capacity. The manufacturer declares a read speed of 9MB/s and a write speed of 8MB/s for them. The drive supports USB 2.0. Its dimensions are 70 x 23 x 11mm; its weight is 15g.

The accessories to the drive include a neck cord, a quick start guide, and a miniature CD with Repartition Tool and an electronic version of the user manual. Besides that, the software is stored on the disk itself.

The specific functions of the device show up in the way it is identified by the system. On connecting the device, there appear two new devices, a new local drive and a new removable drive (as if one more optical drive has been added to the system).

Now, let’s take a look at the software pack and the fingerprint recognition technology implemented in the drive. On your connecting it, you are automatically asked to install and set up the software. You create an identification file, enter your login and password, and then proceed to what is the most interesting part of the procedure.

You should move the mouse to point at the finger whose scan will be used for authorization purposes. After scanning the finger successfully for three times, the Master will offer to perform the same procedure for the rest of your fingers if you feel like very, very paranoid. Upon completion, a backup copy of the identification file is created. After that, the FingerPrint Application Suite will always reside in the system tray and you can evoke it from there to access its option. To work with files and to change the settings, you have to enter through the User Authorization window. This can be done in two alternative ways, by entering the login and password or by providing your fingerprint. The latter method may prove not the quickest one, by the way. You won’t be let in if you’ve pressed your finger to the sensor field wrongly and your scan has not been recognized. After successful identification, the user is given control over the passwords, i.e. over the database that contains login and password information for the websites you are registered at. Particularly, you can change the settings for automatic authentication on websites.

The program can also be used to protect files on your PC. You select the files and they will then only be accessible through the user authorization window. The protection can be removed anytime, of course. The protected files are searchable. The FingerPrint Application Suite allows you to store a list of your Internet Explorer Favorite links on the JetFlash drive. They become available in the browser when you attach the drive to a PC and launch Internet Explorer. You can also change the program’s own settings, create a backup copy of the user identification file or restore it.

The Repartition Tool can be used to resize the Private and Public partitions on the JetFlash as necessary. All the data on the drive will be lost during repartitioning. After that, the data stored in the Private area will remain invisible until the user logs in. If you don’t enter your login, the information will be stored in the Public area.

The average retail price of the drive is $41.

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