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Pretec i-Disk BulletProof 2GB

The black box with the manufacturer’s symbol and name looks cute by itself. It contains a bulletproof drive whose small barrel-shaped case is made of rather thick metal – it’s hard to imagine how it may be broken. So, this is going to be a nice gift for people who live an active life. The cap is to be unscrewed rather than pulled out, which should make the drive hermetic. The dual-layer case carries an artistic ornament that looks like those on ancient Greek vases. This ornament is also functional as its relief gives you a reliable finger-hold. An impressive metal chain with a clasp and a key-ring is attached to the top of the cap.

The i-Disk BulletProof series includes models ranging in capacity from 128MB to 2GB (that’s the capacity of our sample) and supports USB 2.0. The manufacturer declares a max data-transfer rate of 20MB/s, but mentions a Premium version of the drive that has a data-transfer rate of 40MB/s. Data on the drive can be protected with a password and/or encrypted. You can also use pre-recorded or user-defined unique IDs and switch the drive into read-only mode.

The average retail price of the drive is $98.

Pretec i-Disk ChaCha 1GB

The elegant black aluminum case has barely noticeable “ribs” on the sides. There’s a ring for a cord on the case. This series includes models from 128MB to 2GB in capacity. A max read speed of 12MB/s and a max write speed of 7MB/s are specified. The drive supports USB 2.0 and measures 76.4x19.4x10mm.

It comes with a wear cord.

The average retail price of the drive is $42.

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