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This renowned manufacturer is represented with four flash cards in my review. Three of them belong to the legendary Platinum series. A Platinum card astonishes with its very design – it is in a metallic case that increases the robustness of the product. The labels on the face of the card are holographic and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow under light.

The exterior alone is not enough to gain popularity among professional photographers, though, and the two Platinum cards of 1GB and 2GB capacities are on a high performance level – the former is a bit faster than the latter. The 512MB device, however, did rather badly in my tests, even worse than the card from the “ordinary” series. That said, I cannot but wish that Pretec were stricter about the selection of the components for its memory cards. The elite “Platinum” series should come equipped with the fastest chips available.



Unfortunately, we couldn’t get samples of the popular “speedy” Ultra II series for our tests – I had to benchmark two “ordinary” cards instead. These devices were record-setters in the reading tests, but their writing speed was rather low. As for the untypical results in the Average Access Time test, I can’t name an application where this parameter of the CompactFlash card might be important. So, these cards are excellent at reading, but rather average at writing.

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