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AIDA32 Disk Benchmark plug-in

This benchmarking suite works with storage media at a lower level than the FC Test and this accounts for the difference in the results. So, the Linear Write Speed test comes first:

Although the leaders remained the same, there are surprises starting from the third place. For example, the Transcend 45X 512MB card, which didn’t have good write results in the FC Test, approached the top of the diagram here, with very good showings. You may note that some other cards also behave this way. I suspect that different benchmarks produce different results (both absolute and relative) since they use varying methods and techniques to measure the performance. This is the nature of synthetic tests and you can’t do anything about that. We could argue for a long time about the advantages and shortcoming of a particular benchmark, and with no result.

Next goes the Linear Read Speed test:

This time there are no surprises at all. The SanDisk cards are again far ahead of the group, especially in the Lexar Media reader: the gap to the closest rival, the 1GB Transcend 45X card, is as big as 4MB/s. The last test is Average Access Time, whose results are of little importance in real life. But anyway, I’m curious…

The results of the SanDisk cards look like a requital for the high read speed! The access time of these devices is really too big – this must be due to their controller. The rest of the cards have normal results. Note also that the access time is in average 0.5-0.6msec better in the Lexar reader than in the SanDisk.

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