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Test Participants

I will compare the memory cards according to three scores: overall score, camera score and card-reader score. I calculated the scores by finding the geometric mean of the results the card had got in the appropriate tests (the AIDA32 Average Access Time didn’t affect the overall score), and normalizing the results by a 5-grade scale.

I’m now going to add a few words about the products of each particular manufacturer.



The products from this manufacturer left me confused. Although the 512MB card from the PhotoSteno Pro series is supposed to be the photographer’s choice, the ordinary Apacer 512MB is its superior in every respect, and even leaves all the other test participants behind in the camera tests. Meanwhile, the 1GB card from Apacer is no record-breaker, sometimes finding itself at the bottom of the results table.

The mystery is solved easily, though. The backside of the PhotoSteno Pro card reads “This Product incorporates SuperFlash technology licensed from SST”. You can’t find this text on “ordinary” flash cards from Apacer. So, I suppose that when the PhotoSteno Pro series was introduced, memory chips from Silicon Storage Technology Inc. were among the fastest then, and Apacer took them for that professional series. But times are changing and cheaper products may have overtaken chips from SST in performance. Anyway, the 512MB card from Apacer is very fast – it is the winner of my today’s tests.

At the same times, you cannot rely on the fact that other Apacer cards have the same speed – the results of the 1GB card are very poor.

Delkin Devices


I had only “ordinary” flash cards from this manufacturer, although they also ship the eFilm.Pro series, for which a higher performance is specified. Anyway, the Delkin Devices 1GB card did well in the camera tests, although worse in the card-readers. The 512MB device from the same series passed the tests with opposite results.

Analyzing the edge stamps of several cards from Delkin Devices we came to a conclusion that a majority of products of the ordinary eFilm series are supplied to Delkin Devices by Toshiba, but we couldn’t identify the origin of the 512MB card – and this must have been the reason for the two cards to be so different in the tests. You may want to pay attention to the edge stamp; it looks like “THNCF…” on cards made by Toshiba.

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