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Incredible progress in the flash memory field resulted into the significant price drop, so that most of the flash cards, which were hardly affordable for the majority of people about a year ago, turned out considerably better value. Besides, the flash memory cards acquired faster speeds. Together with the ever growing number of digital cameras and mini-systems in the today’s market, these factors stimulated the customers’ interest in flash cards with high storage capacity.

So, we decided to take a closer look at a few Compact Flash memory card models with 2GB storage potential. Please meet our today’s testing participants!

Pretec 80x Cheetah CFN02G 2GB

Pretec Cheeth 80x flash cards are pretty interesting products for two primary reasons. Of course, first of all it is the fast speed provided by these cards, which you can actually guess from the card family name, I assume. Secondly, flash cards from this particular family are theoretically capable of reaching up to 12GB storage capacity, which would be a record for today. Of course, the piece we are going to take a look at today is somewhat smaller, only 2GB, however, the product range also includes models with 3GB and 6GB storage capacity. Note that the manufacturer claims this CompactFlash medium should ensure up to 13MB/sec read speed and up to 12MB/sec write speed.


As far as the pricing is concerned, this baby is selling for about $224.

Transcend TS2GCF45 2GB

The CompactFlash memory card from Transcend belongs to the Ultra Performance product line, which distinguishing feature is the 45x data transfer rate. The corresponding marking is actually available on the card itself, which you can see from the picture below:


All other specifications of this card are pretty standard I should say.

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