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Performance in FC-Test

We used two patterns to test the CompactFlash cards in FC-Test program. The first one contained a set of 100 files, each 1MB big. The second pattern was made of only one single file 100MB in size. According to our experience, it is usually enough to run the tests in these two patterns, in order to make consistent conclusions about the performance of the tested CompactFlash cards.

The first diagram demonstrates the performance of the cards during reading from the first pattern with 100 files 1MB each. Pretec’s solution appears an indisputable leader here.

The next picture shows how fast the testing participants could write all 100 files. Again the Cheetah 80x is the fastest of all, although I wouldn’t state any indisputable leadership of the latter, as it is just a tiny bit ahead of the closest rival, the PQI F1 card.

When the test file gets 100MB big, the performance of the testing participants hardly gets affected at all. The overall picture remains the same, as in case of a hundred smaller files. Pretec’s solution retains the leadership here.

The diagram demonstrating the writing speed for the 100MB file shows all the advantages of the new Pretec Cheetah 80x solution: it manages to get significantly ahead of its opponents. The larger gets the file size, the faster works the medium with the higher claimed speed coefficient. In fact, the writing speed in this case starts getting close to the reading speed.

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