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Performance in AIDA32

AIDA32 utility was used to build the graphs for the average access time and to measure the linear read and write speed. The average values obtained as a result of these measurements are given in the table below.

Here come the results:

Linear Read Speed

Linear Write Speed

Average Access Time

The first diagram shows the average linear read speed. Pretec flash memory card looks better that the competitors here, being almost 1.5 times faster than the closets rival.

The picture is pretty much the same on the next diagram too. The linear write speed of the 80x Cheetah flash card is significantly higher than that of the opponents. The result demonstrated by the Pretec storage medium here is just a little lower than in the previous test.

Finally here comes the last diagram of the average access time. 80x Cheetah flash card shows not the smallest result of all tested cards, but it belongs just fine to the standard interval typical of the most Compact Flash media. As you remember, the access time is not a determinative for the performance verdicts for this type of products.

To tell the truth I was a bit surprised to see that the average linear read and write speeds in this benchmark appeared somewhat lower than the results we managed to obtain on a 256MB Pretec card we tested earlier in one of our articles. I dare suspect that the reason for this difference lies with the different electronics of the media (different controller).

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