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The 2GB CompactFlash memory card from Pretec demonstrated the fastest read and write speed of all three models tested. In fact, we kind of expected the results to turn out like that, because it was competing against somewhat older solutions, which have been in the market for a while by now and which boast lower claimed transfer rates.

Those users, who are looking for the fastest medium with the maximum storage capacity, should definitely take a look at Pretec 80x Cheetah card. This solution proves the most efficient when working with larger files, where its performance grows up noticeably. The other two solutions tested this time boast lower speed characteristics and hence can hardly be regarded as a serious threat to Pretec’s newcomers. The only drawback of the new Cheetah CompactFlash card is its relatively high price, especially compared with the models boasting the same storage capacity but slower claimed transfer rates of 40x-45x.

However, you should also keep in mind that when you purchase a fast CompactFlash card, like 80x Cheetah, you will be able to take full advantage of its speed potential only if you have an efficient card-reader or “fast” digital camera. Otherwise, you will hardly feel any difference compared with the performance of the previous-generation CompactFlash solutions.

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