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System memory… A lot of system memory… A lot of memory?!

The severe reality of the computer world more and more frequently spits out programs and applications which system requirements are shockingly high even for sophisticated computer users. And you have to start saving again to get out there and buy a new piece of hardware, which is usually a CPU, graphics card or a couple of memory sticks depending on the applications.

Speaking of the memory, then on the one hand it is a pretty easy task to buy a pair of extra memory modules and install them into the available free DIMM slots on the mainboard. Although the availability of these free slots may sometimes be an issue (especially if you used to have a pair of 256MB modules), because some contemporary mainboards may have only two DIMM slots instead of four. In this case the easiest way to save the situation is to buy two new DIMMs with higher memory capacity (1GB for instance). Ok, you bought those… But if you are into overclocking, you may be quite frustrated to find out that 1GB memory modules overclock less efficiently than the 256MB or 512MB ones.

But, don’t give way to despair, things are not so bad at all. Today we will try to find out the overclocking potential of two 2GB kits out there from G.SKILL Company that belong to the Extreme and value product series.

It is not the first time solutions from G.SKILL Company appear on our web-site, and later on you are going to see much more of them tested. For more information you are welcome to check out the following previous reviews called DDR650? - No Problem! Two Memory Kits from G.SKILL in Our Lab and Roundup of 2GB DDR SDRAM Memory Kits for Overclockers.

So, please meet our today’s testing participants: G.SKILL F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ (Extreme) and F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX (Value) solutions.

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