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Closer Look: G.SKILL F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX

This memory kit is positioned by the manufacturer as a value (budget) solution. It is designed in a similar way to the Extreme kit we have just discussed. The major external difference is the bright-blue color of the heat-spreader plates.

Unlike the G.SKILL F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ we have just talked about, this memory boasts much more modest working frequencies, but its timing settings at the nominal frequency are truly impressive: 2-3-2-5! Far not every memory module, even the most advanced ones, can handle these aggressive timings. It is really hard to explain why this happened, but the memory maker recommends using these memory modules for Socket 939 AMD platforms (which certainly doesn’t limit the use of these memory modules to this platform only).

Unlike the Extreme series, the sticker of this memory kit doesn’t mention the nominal voltage these modules should work at:

Also there is no mention of the memory chips used for these modules on manufacturer’s site. However, if you are an experienced overclocker you should probably know that only the memory modules built on Infineon or Micro chips can handle aggressive memory timings like that at their nominal working frequency.

Our intuition proved absolutely correct: we discovered Infineon CE-5 chips manufactured with 130nm technological process when we removed the heat-spreaders.

No doubt, they are among the best memory chips in their class.

I was very pleased to discover the thermal pad covering the memory chips almost completely. So, there should be no cooling or heat dissipation issues with these modules:

Just like in the previous case these modules are built on BrainPower B6U808 PCB.

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