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Once again G.SKILL memory modules proved the great reputation of this system memory maker, having demonstrated that even large memory capacities can overclock pretty well.


This is is an ideal solution for those who do not suffer from low timing settings. They can clock to the level of DDR600 and perform close to the memory modules of smaller capacity. This memory kit works best in DDR500-533 mode with nominal timings and Vmem or a little bit slower than DDR600 – with Command Rate set to 2T. Both these workmodes are an excellent result for 1GB memory modules.


  • High-quality Brainpower PCB;
  • Specially selected Samsung UCCC memory chips;
  • Relatively flexible configuration of frequency and timings;
  • Excellent overclocking potential.


  • Small thermal pad;
  • Relatively high price.


This is pretty specific memory that can work at maximally low timing settings supported by the modules with 1GB capacity. In the best case they can overclock as efficiently as the memory modules built with Samsung UCCC chips. They are surprisingly easy and predictable in operation: install the memory DIMMs, set the CAS Latency according to your frequency preferences and that’s it. Mainstream users will be very happy about the simplicity of setting the corresponding frequencies, timings, Command rate and voltage: there is one single CAS responsible for all of them at once. As a result, G.SKILL will be a great choice for systems designed for minimal possible latencies in the DDR400 to DDR500 frequency range.


  • High-quality Brainpower PCB;
  • Infineon CE-5 memory chips;
  • Operation with minimal timing settings;
  • Excellent overclocking potential.


  • None.

Anyway, if you need A LOT OF system memory and there is a chance to get G.SKILL kits, then excellent quality of these products as well as carefully selected memory chips will always be an argument in their favor.

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