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FC-Test 2.0

The second version of FC-Test uses a more accurate measurement method, yet its results are often similar to those of the first version. Let’s check it out now.

As you could expect, the Transcend JetFlash 185 wins the test of writing 1MB files. It is far ahead of the other devices. The other two drives from Transcend and the ATP Petito can be marked out as well. They are just below the speed of 10MB/s. The trio of drives from TwinMOS and Filemate are at the bottom of the table, again.

When reading the 100x1MB pattern, the Super Talent Pico-A proves to be the fastest, reaching a speed of 30MB/s. The leader is followed by the Talent Pico-C, ATP Petito, and Transcend’s JetFlash V90 and V90с. One more drive overcame the 20MB/s barrier – that was the A-Data T730 “Mickey”.

When writing ten 10MB files, the predictable leader JetFlash 185 is followed by three drives that show a write speed higher than 10MB/s. We’ve got the same trio of outsiders again.

The diagram of reading the 10x10MB pattern isn’t much different from FC-Test 1.0. We’ve got the same top six drives. The slower devices change places within their speed group, but these changes are insignificant.

The test of writing one large file makes it all finally clear. The Transcend JetFlash 185 has no rivals in terms of speed. It is followed by three more drives that surpass the 10MB/s barrier. The TwinMOS X4, Filemate Mini and Filemate Mini Pro are still very slow.

The last diagram shows the results of reading a single large file. We see there are minor changes in the results in comparison with the first version of FC-Test. The Super Talent Pico-A is in the lead again. It is followed by six devices that overcame the 20MB/s mark. Among them the ATP Petito is replaced with the Super Talent Pico-C in second place. The other changes in the table of results are insignificant – the increase of the file size has affected the read speed of the flash drives in slightly different ways.

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