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The Transcend JetFlash 185 is the definite leader in terms of write speed. It also has a good read speed, being a well-balanced product. Although we benchmarked it almost a year ago, none of the newer devices can match it. So, if write speed is your priority, consider the Transcend JetFlash 185 in the first place.

Taking a write speed of 10MB/s as a certain barrier you don’t want to get under today, we can single out three more devices, Transcend JetFlash V90, Transcend JetFlash V90с and ATP Petito, especially as all of them are leaders in terms of read speed. All the above-mentioned drives support Windows Vista ReadyBoost (except that we didn’t check out the Transcend V90c for its compatibility with ReadyBoost). It’s somewhat surprising to see the ATP Petito in this trio. The frivolous appearance of this drive had no inkling as to its high performance.

The ATP Petito and the Transcend JetFlash V90 can also be regarded as stylish models, intended to make a nice present, thanks to the beautiful and original cases. Unfortunately, the Transcend drives are not ideal ergonomically at everyday use but the Petito is certainly deserving of your interest.

The two drives from Super Talent – the Pico-A and Pico-C – have a high speed of reading files but are only average when it comes to writing. The Pico-C is going to be a good choice if you need a very small drive. As for the Pico-A, it is not so small when open, and its case is not robust enough.

The SanDisk Cruzer Titanium U3 is just the opposite: a good write speed and a lower-than-average speed of reading. This drive is interesting for its robustness – it’s next to impossible to physically break it. Unfortunately, it’s not dust- or waterproof.

Finally, we must tell you about the slowest drives, which are the TwinMOS X4, Filemate Mini and Filemate Mini Pro. If you care about speed, then these three models will not suit your needs, unfortunately.

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