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Kingston U3 DataTraveler



The case of this drive is made from gray plastic with decorative orange inserts. There is a shiny metallic plate on one side with the name of the model. The manufacturer declares a max read speed of 6MB/s and a max write speed of 3MB/s for this model. After installation the drive is visible in the system as two devices: a disk and a CD-ROM drive.

The drive comes with an installation guide, a software bundle manual, and a strap. Moreover, a U3 software bundle you can download for free from is preinstalled on it. The bundle includes Pass2Go (to remember your passwords and bookmarks and log in automatically), ACDSee PE (for viewing digital images), and Zinios (for reading books and magazines in digital format).

Dimensions: 66.9 x 20.4 x 9.0mm; weight: 11g.

Patriot Xporter Mini



That’s one of the simplest drives in this review. Its compact case is made from soft rubber of a salad green color. The Xporter Mini is hardly stylish or pretty, yet it’s somewhat cute due to this very simplicity of design.

The cap is detachable. It fits tight on the drive, so you can hardly lose it. The cap can be put on the drive’s butt-end at work but only if you don’t use the neck strap.

The activity indicator is red, bright and conspicuous. It shines right through the drive’s case.

Dimensions: 42.4 x 17.9 x 9.5mm; weight: 7.9g.

Pretec i-Disk BulletProof



The black box with the manufacturer’s symbol and name looks cute by itself. It contains a bulletproof drive whose small barrel-shaped case is made of rather thick metal – it’s hard to imagine how it may be broken. So, this is going to be a nice gift for people who live an active life. The cap is to be unscrewed rather than pulled out, which should make the drive hermetic. The dual-layer case carries an artistic ornament that looks like those on ancient Greek vases. This ornament is also functional as its relief gives you a reliable finger-hold. An impressive metal chain with a clasp and a key-ring is attached to the top of the cap.

The manufacturer declares a max data-transfer rate of 20MB/s. Data on the drive can be protected with a password and/or encrypted. You can also use pre-recorded or user-defined unique IDs and switch the drive into read-only mode.

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