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Transcend JetFlash V90



This flash drive resembles the above-described Super Talent Pico-A. The plastic case of the flash drive proper is hidden into a metallic case by rotating it around an axis. Unfortunately, besides the rather high weight and low robustness when open, the JetFlash V90 is also hard to open up: you have to do that with two hands, catching the flash part with your nail.

Designed in a chrome-plated case with nacreous trimming, this flash drive would make a nice present for a lady. A pretty, yet not quite handy, present.

The drive lacks an activity indicator.

Included with the drive are two straps of different lengths. These are quite beautiful, resembling silver.

Dimensions: 34.1 x 13.5 x 5.0mm; weight: 7.2g.

Transcend JetFlash V90 Classic



This small flash drive has an aluminum case with two versions of the decorative panel, nacreous or tessellated as shown in the photos above. The drive uses a flick-knife design. The metallic case ensures increased protection even if you use it as a trinket on your key-ring.

The accessories include a metallic chain, a quick installation guide, and a small CD with software that includes a user manual, drivers, and JetFlash Elite. The JetFlash Elite suite was described above.

Dimensions: 33.8 x 13.1 x 4.8mm; weight: 8g.

TwinMOS Mobile Disk X4 FMX2GBM

The case of this drive is made from translucent matte black plastic. As a result, the orange light of the activity indicator inside the drive is visible from any angle. The drive lies snugly in the hand. The cap on the USB connector is turnable. It has a small rim for a strap. The drive has a read-only switch.

It comes with a quick installation guide only.

Dimensions: 73 x 20 x 8mm; weight: 15g.

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