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Image and Video Editing

The image editing and nonlinear video editing tools have traditionally been considered quite resource hungry when it comes to hardware. However, let’s see what is going to change is these applications have 2GB of RAM at their disposal.

We can see that the test script is running somewhat faster in Adobe Photoshop CS2 when the amount of system RAM grows bigger. However, once 4 memory DIMM modules are installed instead of two, the advantage we have just gained disappears because of the increased memory latency. So, installing more RAM will get you a definite performance improvement, but only if you use 2 memory modules x 1GB each.

At the same time I have to say that during our tests in Photoshop we used a reference image that eats up only 100MB of the system memory. In some specific cases, in polygraphy for instance, more memory space may be required for processing of much larger images. Of course, additional memory will be a great thing to have in this case. However, these situations will most likely occur in specific professional PC applications and will hardly affect regular PC users.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 is absolutely indifferent to the system RAM size. It can hardly ever consume more than 1GB of memory for its needs.

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