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PQI is another memory manufacturer from Taiwan which has entered the market of overclocker-friendly memory modules after the merger with PMI. We have already introduced some PQI products to you in the past. This is another one of them. Let’s take a look at the product.

The PQI3200-2048DBL modules we received for our tests have a very peculiar appearance. The manufacturer seems to have worked on the design of the heat-spreaders each module is covered with on both sides. On the black glossy surface of the heat-spreaders there is a large mirror-like brand TURBO Memory and, in small print, a PQI logotype. These heatsinks do look unusual and differ strikingly from the typical molded bars midrange memory manufacturers put on their products.

Well, the appearance is in fact the major advantage of the heat-spreaders installed on the PQI3200-2048DBL modules. From the technical point of view, they are ordinary aluminum bars that are not even pressed down to the memory chips properly because there is no stiff fastening provided. They are held by a sticky heat-conductive film inserted in between the heat-spreaders and the chips. We noticed that the heatsinks aren’t quite snug against some memory chips on our modules and thus do not cool them at all.

On one side of each module there is a sticker with the marking, frequency, capacity and timings. The PQI3200-2048DBL kit is declared to have the following characteristics:

  • Frequency: 400MHz
  • Default timings: 2-3-2-5 at 1T Command Rate
  • Default voltage: 2.6V
  • The kit includes two 184-pin unbuffered non-ECC DDR SDRAM modules, 1024MB each
  • The modules are equipped with aluminum heat-spreaders with a glossy black surface
  • Lifetime warranty

In other words, the PQI3200-2048DBL modules are ordinary DDR400 SDRAM capable of working at 2-3-3 timings, the most aggressive timings for 1GB modules. These modules are based on Infineon’s revision B chips which have proved their worth in the Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO kit. But PQI is not Corsair yet, and we can’t expect similar results from modules with loosely fitted heat-spreaders.

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