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We’ve tested five 2GB memory kits and arrived at some points worth mentioning.

First of all, we want to say that 1GB DDR SDRAM memory modules (that make up 2GB memory kits) can’t match the characteristics of 512MB modules. The popular lower-capacity modules have better overclockability and can work at more aggressive timings, too. But as we’ve found in our previous reviews, you sometimes don’t have a choice as there are a number of applications that require as much as 2GB of system memory. It is not recommended to use four 512MB modules due to the automatically activated 2T Command Rate setting and the considerable worsening of the mainboard’s overclockability. So, in some cases 1GB DDR SDRAM modules have no alternative and you have to put up with their not-very-impressive characteristics.

Among the numerous DDR memory modules with 1GB capacity available today on the market, modules on Infineon’s revision C chips seem to be the best. Such modules can work with 2-3-2 timings at frequencies near 200MHz (400MHz DDR), with 3-3-2 timings at 250MHz (500MHz DDR) frequency, and with “bad” timings at 280MHz (560MHz DDR) and higher.

Among the products we have reviewed today, the pair of OCZ PC4000 EB Dual Channel Platinum Edition modules features such chips. And it is this memory kit that has shown the best overclockability and maximum performance in our tests.

We’d want to draw your attention to the Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO kit, too. Although the overclocking potential of these modules is lower than of the OCZ PC4000 EB Dual Channel Platinum Edition, they boast better stability with the aggressive 2-3-2 timings at frequencies over 220MHz (440MHz DDR). Moreover, these modules look cute and have a LED indicator on the top edge. On the other hand, don’t forget about the possible problems that may arise due to their really huge size.

According to the results of our tests we decided to award OCZ PC4000 EB Dual Channel Platinum Edition memory modules with our prestigious Editor’s Choice Award.

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