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Performance in FC-Test 1.0

FC-Test will help us examine the flash drives under real-life conditions rather than in synthetic benchmarks such as IOMeter. The program writes and reads a few file-sets and measures the time it takes to perform each operation. This helps calculate the speed of the drive and see how it depends on the number and size of the processed files. We use three file-sets that differ in the size (1, 10 and 100MB) and number (1, 10, and 100) of files included. Practice suggests that a 100MB file is large enough to reveal the maximum performance of a USB flash drive and using a larger file doesn’t affect the results much.

The OCZ Rally 2 wins the test of writing a hundred of 1MB files. The Patriot Xporter XT is in its turn ahead of the Corsair Flash Voyager.

There are no changes when the drives read the 100x1MB pattern. The Rally 2 is first, and the Flash Voyager is last. The difference between them is smaller than at writing, though.

It’s all the same when the file size is increased to 10MB. The Rally 2 is far ahead of the other two drives.

OCZ’s winning attitude is confirmed in the test of reading 10 files. The Corsair Flash Voyager has fallen quite far behind the leader.

The OCZ Rally 2 triumphs in the test of writing one 100MB file, too. There is nothing new about the other two drives: the Patriot Xporter XT is slightly faster than the Corsair Flash Voyager, the latter being only half as fast as the leader.

As you could expect, the OCZ Rally 2 shows the highest speed when reading one large file. The Patriot Xporter XT is somewhat slower.

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