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The OCZ Rally 2 drive is obviously the leader of this test session. Besides delivering the highest performance in most of our tests, it also differs from its “rubber” opponents with its compact and neat case. If you are looking for a maximum-capacity flash drive for carrying your files with you, you should definitely consider the Rally 2.

Why do we mention files here? Because the Rally 2 was only second after the Patriot Xporter XT in the random-access test. This difference may be important if you use your flash drive not only for storing data but also for storing applications you can start right from the drive. On the other hand, even the Xporter XT has much lower results in this test than the best of 4GB models we benchmarked before.

Unfortunately, the Corsair Flash Voyager lost thi time. Alas, this drive was the slowest throughout all of our tests.

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