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Performance in FC-Test 2.0

The second version of FC-Test uses a more accurate measurement method, yet its results are often similar to those of the first version.

The Super Talent 200x, the winner of the previous test, is inferior to the two Turbo drives from OCZ but the gap is small. The speeds are considerably lower starting from the sixth position. The RiData drive habitually takes last place being ten times slower than the leader and two times slower than the closest opponent.

There is a smaller difference between the drives at reading. The drives from Lexar, A-Data and Corsair join the group of leaders. Note that the Transcend JetFlash 185 is average in terms of writing and poor at reading although its 2GB version performed most successfully in our previous test session.

Most of the drives accelerate when the file size is increased to 10 megabytes. We’ve got the same pair of leaders, OCZ’s ATV Turbo and Rally 2 Turbo, but the speed lowers rapidly starting from third place. The Super Talent 200x even gets somewhat slower with the larger files. The gap between the first and last place has diminished because the RiData has sped up. It cannot leave its last place, though.

The increased size of the files doesn’t affect the results of the read test much. We’ve got the same leaders and losers.

Most drives add about 1MBps to their speed when writing one 100MB file. It has no effect on the standings, though. OCZ’s Turbo drives are still the leaders, followed by the Kingston DataTraveler Secure and Buffalo RUF2-S. At the bottom of the diagram the RiData Yego EZdrive manages to leave last place.

There is almost no difference between the top five drives when reading one large file. Overall, we have the same leaders and losers again.

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