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Apacer Handy Steno AH320


The plastic case of this drive is colored a translucent violet and an opaque white. The case has a hole for a neck strap and a LED indicator of operation mode.

The kit contains a CD with software (including Apacer Compression Explorer for compressing, unzipping and protecting files with a password) and a quick start guide.

Size: 68 x 15 x 10.9mm; weight: 7g.

ATP ToughDrive



Flash drives with rubber cases are traditionally positioned as highly tolerant to harsh environments although it is an arguable point. An ordinary plastic or aluminum case can be waterproof too, but the lack of a robust carcass may eventually lead to fatal microcracks in the PCB or in the soldering of the USB connector as the drive is bent a little, for example when you put it into your jeans pocket. Moreover, flash drives with rubber cases are all very large.

The cap is made from rubber, too. It can be easily lost. The activity indicator is blue and not very bright.

A neck strap is included with the drive.

Size: 73.4 x 20.8 x 10.6mm; weight: 15.8g.

Buffalo RUF2-S



A classically designed drive in a long square plastic case. The case is white but its bottom panel is translucent showing the PCB with sticker. This doesn’t look very aesthetic.

The cap is detachable. It can be put on the drive’s butt-end but a neck strap, if you’ve attached one, doesn’t allow doing that. The RUF2-S has a second hole for a strap – on the cap. The cap sits firmly on the case, so you are unlikely to lose the drive while wearing it like this.

The activity indicator is green. Its visibility is rather poor.

A short USB extension cord is included with the drive.

Size: 75.5 x 18.2 x 9.0mm; weight: 15.8g.

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