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Filemate Klix



Many, many years ago there was a “Memory in Black” flash drive from PQI with a capacity of 64 megabytes – it was quite a sufficient storage then. It had a big black plastic case that would block the neighboring USB port, a black glossy cap, and a chrome clip for wearing the drive in the pocket of your shirt or jeans.

Filemate provides this flashback with its 4GB Klix model that resembles the mentioned PQI. The Klix is somewhat more angular and lacks a steel clip which used to enliven the rather boring appearance of the PQI drive.

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything good about the exterior design of this device. Its case is large and wide, blocking the neighboring USB ports. Its appearance is dull, and the loosely fastened PCB rattles inside.

There is an indicator window in the case but it wasn’t alive in our sample of the drive.

The Klix comes without accessories.

Size: 74.9 x 22.1 x 10.3mm; weight: 11.1g.

Imation Nano Flash Drive



It is a small and light flash drive with a turnable cap. The cap doesn’t protect the connector from dust and dirt as well as from mechanical damage because it is not robust itself. The can opens easily and can even do so accidentally in your pocket.

Overall, the Nano Flash Drive is a cute product that doesn’t look cheap notwithstanding its simple design.

The activity indicator is red and dull and half-covered with the cap. It is almost not visible as the consequence.

The drive comes with a small loop for a neck strap. The strap should be purchased separately.

Size: 44.5 x 15.4 x 10.2mm; weight: 6.3g.

Imation Pivot Flash Drive



This flash drive opens up like a flick knife. The idea is good but the implementation is not. The plastic looks cheap. The color combination is not appealing, especially the large gray ring for a strap. The texture of the surface is not good, either. It is also rather hard to open the drive with one hand – the turning mechanism is too stiff.

The activity indicator is blue and not very bright. The drive has a read-only switch, which is quite a rare thing for a modern model.

A large metallic ring is included with the drive, obviously to wear it on your key-ring.

Size: 65.8 x 22.8 x 11.1mm; weight: 12.8g.

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