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Patriot Xporter XT



The main drawback of this rubberized drive is its tight-fitting cap. The case is not very neatly manufactured, showing a coarse seam between its two halves. The good news is that the kit contains a special rubber gag that helps you avoid losing the cap. The red activity indicator is so dull that you almost can’t see it under daylight.

Besides the gag, a neck-strap is included with the drive.

Size: 72.0 x 25.6 x 12.6mm; weight: 16.8g.

RiData Yego EZdrive



This flash drive owes its large size to the integrated dual-port USB hub. Its usefulness is rather questionable, though. Perhaps people who often work from the flash drive could use this feature but it would be logical for this model to support U3 technology then. And if you but rarely use your flash drive, it is handier to buy an ordinary hub and connect it permanently to your PC when you feel a lack of USB ports.

The detachable cap has a hole for a strap – you can attach it to the drive so that it didn’t get lost. The strap itself is not included, though.

The Yego EZdrive didn’t work on all the PCs we’ve got in our labs. On some machines, the OS would identify the integrated hub but could see no flash drive proper.

Size: 69.3 x 43.6 x 15.0mm; weight: 19.9g.

SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition



This large and heavy drive is not very handy at everyday use but it is a perfect gift for lovers of powerful motorcycles. As opposed to most gift products that only feature a special coloring of the case (e.g. the nacreous Transcend V90), the Extreme Ducati Edition is not only painted red but also stylized to look like a racing bike.

This drive opens up in two steps: the internal plastic shell comes out first and then the USB connector proper emerges out of it. You can open the Ducati easily with two fingers even.

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