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Buffalo Ultra High Speed Flash Disk RUF2-S4GWH 4GB

The design of this flash drive is stylish and memorable. Its case is made of milk-white plastic. There is a small elevation on the face side of the drive that transforms into the detachable cap. This design solution makes the case more robust. The LED indicator of operation mode can be found under a kind of a window that is made up by tiny round holes. The visibility of the indicator is poor as a consequence. The bottom part of the case is made of translucent plastic that allows you to see a part of the PCB. The cap goes down on the connector with a snap and sits very tight on it. When the drive is in use, you can put the cap on the opposite butt end to avoid losing it. There are two places for attaching a carry strap, one on the case and another on the cap.

This drive belongs to the Ultra High Speed USB Flash Drive series which features single-level cell flash memory chips with 1-bit control logic as opposed to 2-bit control logic utilized by multi-level cell chips. Buffalo’s technology employs four memory chips that can be accessed simultaneously. There’s little useful information on the manufacturer’s website and we’ve got the drive without its package. According to information we found on the Web and in the PDF files from the manufacturer’s site, the drive’s maximum write and read speeds are 18MB/s and 27MB/s, respectively. The device supports USB 2.0.

Data on the drive can be protected with the SecureLockWare utility you can find on the drive itself. This program can encrypt data on the entire drive or in a specific folder or file using the AES-256 algorithm. The encrypted information can only be accessed after entering a password. Encrypted data can also be compressed with a specified compression coefficient. The drive can also be used as a “key” to access the PC.

The device is shipped with a USB cable.

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