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For our today’s article we picked four USB flash drives with 4GB storage capacity from A-Data Company. The flash drives of such capacity have already become quite affordable for most users out there. Although the performance and speed characteristics of USB flash drives keep improving day by day, we can still sometimes come across certain models that have fallen below today’s performance standards.

Here we first of all imply ReadyBoost technology implemented in the new Microsoft Windows Vista OS that allows to speed the system up in case certain specific conditions are met. The main condition here is the performance of the USB flash-drive with ReadyBoost feature. Another factor that we take into account in tests like that is the possible performance difference between devices within the same product family that feature different storage capacity. So, we decided to check things out with the help of USB Flash drive solutions from A-Data.

In order to be able to more objectively estimate the performance of our today’s four testing participants we decided to compare them against solutions with the same storage capacity that we have already tested before (see our article called Roundup of USB Flash Drives with 4GB+ Storage Capacity).

Let’s take a closer look at our today’s testing participants.

A-Data My Flash RB15


The drive case is made of black rubber. This casing is water and shock resistant thus protecting the device in extreme conditions. There are white plastic pads on both sides of the drive that make the whole exterior design look a little livelier. There is a special loop at the end of the casing where the transportation band goes. There is also a green status LED. The USB cap sits tightly on the drive, so you are unlikely to lose it.

The device comes packed in a standard plastic box with no additional accessories.

A-Data My Flash PD15


This is a highly compact device: you can feel it the moment you take it: the black plastic casing is thinner than a match. As usual, they had to make some sacrifices for the sake of this extremely miniature size: the simplified implementation of the USB connector makes it a little harder to plug the device into the USB port of your computer. You can carry it on a wrist or neck band that goes through a special slit in the casing.

The device is shipped with no additional accessories.

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