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Random Read and Write Patterns

Now let’s evaluate the flash drives performance in random read and write patterns. These parameters are very important for everyday use of USB flash drives as work drive, and not only file transportation means. During our tests the data block size varied from 0.5 to 32768KB.

The first diagram shows the average access time each of the flash drives demonstrated during data reading. The slowest of the four today’s main testing participants appeared PD15 drive – it is the last but one on the list. PD14 did a little better, and RB15 and PD3 drives didn’t give us any reasons to be concerned: although they didn’t become the fastest of all, their performance was more than normal.

In case of random writing PD15 and PD14 appeared evident outsiders – only one Kingston flash drive appeared slower than them. The situation with RB15 and PD3 is much better: although their random writing time is not the absolute minimum, they are not falling too far behind the leaders.

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