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Performance in FC-Test 2.0

Now let’s check out the results obtained with the second version of FC-Test utility.

PD14 writes a hundred 1MB files slower than all others. PD15 also stayed close. However, RB15 and PD3 look very nice in this test: although they are not the fastest of all, they took two of the top spots on the chart.

The diagram for reading a hundred 1MB files shows that there is no huge gap like the one we saw with writing. RB15 and PD3 drives perform averagely well, with PD14 falling just a little behind them. PD15 again the last but one here, but the lag is not that dramatic as during files writing anymore.

All four heroes of our today’s review take the lower part of the ranking chart during writing 10 files 10MB each, although I have to stress that RB15 and PD3 outperform PD15 and PD14 significantly.

Reading 10 files 10MB each is yet another proof that all four are pretty persistent with this type of tasks: RB15 and PD3 are again in the middle of the chart. PD14 a little behind them and PD15 took the traditional last but one spot.

Only BR15 and PD drives demonstrated acceptable results when writing a 100MB file, although we cannot call it remarkable. PD14 and PD15 drives again are almost half as fast.

Reading a 100MB file doesn’t change anything. RB15 and PD3 drives again performed up to the mark. PD14 again was just a little slower, and PD15 retained its last but one spot.

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