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We tested four flash drives from A-Data with 4GB storage capacity. Summing up the results I would like to start with the slowest one and move up to the fastest.

The main advantage of the A-Data PD15 drive is its compact size. Although its miniature dimensions may cause certain problems when you try to plug it into a USB port. Moreover, it is not the fastest: if the read speed is more or less fine, then the write speed is way below the today’s requirements, even though it passed the ReadyBoost compatibility test just fine.

A-Data PD14 flash drive with a little more traditional exterior design tested better than the previous model. Its read speed in our tests was quite up to the mark, but the writing put it side by side with the PD15. Its writing performance drops down dramatically when the drive has to work with small data blocks. It also complies with ReadyBoost requirements just fine.

A_Data RB15 flash drive is remarkable for its waterproof design and very decent and well-balanced performance characteristics. It didn’t set any performance records, but demonstrated stable performance in our tests and went far past the ReadyBoost compliance threshold.

Finally, A-Data PD3 flash drive will make a great gift thanks to its unique accessories bundle, stylish exterior design and packaging. Moreover, it also boasts pretty good performance showing very similar results to those of RB15. Of course, it is also fully ReadyBoost ready.

So, of four A-Data solutions we would recommend taking a look at PD3 or RB15 depending on the type of tasks you are after and your personal preferences.

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