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About a year ago there appeared new memory modules that were marketed under Aeneon brand name. This trade mark was the property of one of the largest memory manufacturers – the German Infineon Technologies. You all know that Infineon does supply the memory modules under its own brand name, therefore, the arrival of one more brand seemed quite puzzling for the market at first. However, things started clearing up when they explained that the new brand of the memory modules was intended for the so-called “white-box PC” market.

Later on, this strictly defined application field for the new Aeneon modules was unmasked on the Aeneon’s official web-site , devoted to these products. According to the information available on this web-site right now, Aeneon memory modules can be supplied to the white-box PC market as well as to the largest OEMs and system assemblers. As a result, there appeared a product line targeted “for everyone and for no one” at the same time, which was very much like the Infineon product family, but boasted unprecedented combination of attractive price and great performance achieved due to the latest technological innovations and offered excellent reliability during operation (according to the same official web-site).

As we see, Infineon didn’t provide any detailed clarification about the actual positioning and target group for this new memory line, but provided mostly general information. This was one of the reasons why we got curious about these memory modules and decided to take a closer Look at the Aeneon family. Especially, since the memory modules based on Infineon chips have already proven quite successful in our lab (for details see our article devoted to DDR2 SDRAM from Kingston called Kingston HyperX KHX7200D2K2/1G (DDR2-900 SDRAM) Memory Modules Review ).

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