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Although, I have to draw your attention to the fact, that the Aeneon brand name hasn’t been mentioned anywhere in the memory modules SPD. The modules are reported to belong to the Infineon product line.

As for the work modes, the data from SPD are absolutely identical to what the specification claims. It means that when you install these memory modules into the mainboard, you are very unlikely to need any manual adjustment of the memory subsystem settings.

Aeneon memory modules are shipped in bulk, without any specific retail package. However, you would hardly expect to see a budget solution in a fancy expensive package.

As for the exterior design of the DDR2 SDRAM Aeneon modules, it is something I would like to particularly dwell on. This is what the 512MB AET660UD00-370A98X memory modules look like:

There are no heat-spreaders: it is just a PCB with the memory chips on it. The interesting thing is that these chips are marked as Aeneon. They boast unique marking code, and unfortunately we didn’t manage to find any explanation of the code on the manufacturer’s web-site. The only thing we could guess from the marking was the access time of 3.7ns, which actually stands for CL4 at 533MHz frequency.

The sticker on the memory modules does contain some additional information on the frequency, capacity and timings of the solution. It also states “Assembled in Malaysia”, which explains how they manage to achieve attractive price-to-performance ratio pf their Aeneon modules :)

AET760UD00-370A08X modules with 1024MB capacity look slightly different:

These guys are also dingle-sided, however they are built with twice as large memory chips shaped very much like TSOP chips. Despite the seeming similarity with TSOP, these are none other but rectangular BGA chips. By the way, the sticker claims that the 1GB Aeneon memory modules are assembled in Taiwan, and not in China.

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