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When Intel launched Core i7 processors they made a real gift for the memory manufacturers. These processors not only have a built-in memory controller compatible only with DDR3 SDRAM, but this controller has triple-channel structure, which makes the use of dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM in LGA1366 systems questionable, although it was widely spread in previous generation platforms. So, most users switching to a new high-performance platform have to purchase new memory kits optimized specifically for Core i7 series CPUs.

Overclockers found themselves in an even more difficult situation. The peculiarities of the integrated memory controller limit the memory modules choice for the platforms based on the new CPUs. The memory controller receives its power from the same voltage as the memory, which means that Core i7 processors will not allow increasing it significantly – a measure commonly used by overclockers to improve the SDRAM frequency potential.

All this makes wealthy computer enthusiasts face the problem of choosing the most optimal DDR3 SDRAM kit for their needs. Overclocker memory makers try to make it easier for the users by offering special memory kits for LGA1366 systems. They have three distinguishing features. First, they consist of three identical modules, each 1GB or 2GB capacity. Second, they include pretty fast DDR3 SDRAM modules working at 1333, 1600 1866 or even 2000MHz. And third, these modules are designed to work at not very high voltage settings that do not exceed 1.65V.

So far we have already tested two kits like that from Kingston: Kingston HyperX KHX14900D3T1K3/3GX and Kingston HyperX KHX16000D3K3/3GX. Now time has come to check out popular solutions from Corsair, and our today’s review will do that. We are actually going to talk about a relatively expensive 6GB kit, but we will also provide our recommendations to users with limited budget that may consider that much memory to be a little overboard.

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