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Corsair Dominator Platinum PC-19200 C10 2x8 GB (CMD16GX3M2A2400C10)

Considering the low price of system memory, many enthusiasts prefer to buy memory kits larger than 8 GB. We’ve got one such product, too. The 2x8GB CMD16GX3M2A2400C10 kit is no different from its 2x4GB cousins visually. Although there are few applications that might require as much as 16 gigabytes of memory, you can use the extra amount for a RAM disk, for example. Therefore, 16GB kits are a demanded option.

As for the specifications of the product you see in the photo, its timings are less aggressive compared to the above-discussed modules whereas its default voltage is increased to 1.65 volts. This is due to its high rated speed (DDR3-2400) rather than to capacity, though. The timings of 10-12-12-31 and increased voltage are written in the specs of the 8GB kit, too.

The version number on the sticker is 4.21. It denotes Samsung’s chips that are similar to those employed in the CMD8GX3M2A2133C9 kit but with twice the capacity.

We can check this out by dismantling the module. The Samsung HCH9 chips are from the same family as the components of the CMD8GX3M2A2133C9 kit.

As expected, the XMP profile describes the DDR3-2400 mode and specified timings together with a voltage of 1.65 volts which is considered the peak safe voltage for modern Intel platforms.

Take note that the secondary timings of the CMD16GX3M2A2400C10 kit are higher compared to the other products in this review. This is due to the large capacity, so the 16GB Dominator Platinum kits are somewhat slower than their 8GB counterparts. You’ll see this shortly in our performance tests, though.

Corsair Dominator Platinum PC-21300 C11 2x4 GB (CMD8GX3M2A2666C11)

We have never tested memory kits capable of working in DDR3-2666 mode. It is a very high speed which can only be reached through a combination of multiple factors. It doesn’t even depend entirely on the memory maker and such things as selection of best chips, good PCB wiring and efficient cooling. The mainboard and the memory controller must also be up to the mark. Anyway, Corsair has decided to release not only DDR3-2666 SDRAM, but even DDR3-2800 in the Dominator Platinum series. We’ve got a dual-channel 2x4GB kit CMD8GX3M2A2666C11 for our tests.

Releasing fast memory like this, the manufacturer usually provides a list of compatible mainboards but Corsair doesn’t offer any information at its official website as to what mainboards the CMD8GX3M2A2666C11 modules support at their full speed. So, if you buy such a fast memory kit, you must be confident that your CPU and mainboard can match it. The CPU must belong to the overclocker-friendly K series and the mainboard mustn’t be entry-level.

The DDR3-2666 modules look like their junior cousins. You can only identify them by the high frequency written on the label and the high timings (11-13-13-35). The voltage is of course 1.65 volts. The version number is 5.12 which means that Corsair has got a different kind of chips for each speed: the high-speed product is based on Hynix components.

These are Hynix H5TQ2G83CFR-H9C chips that can often be found in overclocker-friendly DDR3 memory modules.

There is only one XMP profile for the CMD8GX3M2A2666C11 kit. It describes the specified DDR3-2666 mode with timings of 11-13-13-35-2T and a voltage of 1.65 volts.

We guess a second profile with a lower frequency and more aggressive timings would be appropriate, but Corsair engineers seem to imply that DDR3-2666 is ordinary enough and doesn’t need that.

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