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Corsair XPERT: What Does It Look Like?

So each module of the Corsair XPERT series consists of two parts: a memory module proper and a display unit with all the necessary logics. These two components communicate across a 34-pin interface connector.

The module is equipped with a massive aluminum black-colored heatsink and has almost the double height of a standard memory stick. In fact, Corsair XPERT modules have the same height as modules of Corsair’s PRO Series. It means you may have troubles installing XPERT modules into the mainboard’s DIMM slots – just keep this fact in mind. The massive heatsinks of Corsair XPERT modules attach to the chips with the help of a special thermal compound and ensure a better cooling of the memory chips, also improving their overclockability.

The display unit is an independent device, i.e. a module of XPERT memory can normally work without it. This unit is twice wider than a standard DIMM slot – 20 millimeters, to be precise – so Corsair provided for two ways of joining together the memory module and the display unit. The latter has two interface connectors on its edges, and connecting the module and the display unit through different connectors you can move the oversized part of the Corsair XPERT forward or backward relative to the DIMM slot.

This option is vitally important in some cases. First, it allows installing more than one Corsair XPERT module into the system. Second, you may need to move the display unit when the memory slots on the mainboard are too close to the CPU socket. Still, you should account for the fact that an installed Corsair XPERT module blocks its immediate neighborhood, and there are hardly any mainboards available that would allow using more than two such modules at once. By the way, although there are two interface connectors on the display unit, you can’t use them both simultaneously. That is, each Corsair XPERT module requires its own display unit, and they will be in fact selling that way: each module will come accompanied with its own display device.

For the most punctilious of our readers we have the following to say: the height of a Corsair XPERT module with the display unit mounted on is 54 millimeters; its weight is 142 grams.

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