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How Does It Work?

The module’s display unit has two decorative logos of Corsair highlighted with blue LEDs, an activity indicator, and a 10-position character LED-based indicator on the side facing the user.

The activity indicator resembles the one you can see on Corsair’s PRO series modules: the color bar of this indicator changes depending on how actively the memory is being accessed at the moment. The indicator of the Corsair XPERT module has more segments (twelve), but is smaller than the one in the PRO series.

But of course, it is the character LED display that’s the prominent feature of Corsair XPERT modules. Each of the nine display positions consists of several red-highlighted sections that can output numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.

Let’s see what use Corsair makes of this indicator in its XPERT series modules. After the system is turned on, the display is showing in a loop the name and the characteristics of the module as well as some info about its current status.

This monitoring information will be most helpful for any overclocker. Among the displayed data are the real frequency and voltage of the module and the current temperature under the heatsink.

It’s possible to output these numbers on the display because Corsair XPERT modules are equipped with an additional hardware monitoring controller and a thermal sensor.

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