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Memory Dashboard Software

Besides the innovative hardware part, the Corsair XPERT memory boasts an interesting program called Memory Dashboard. Thus, Corsair becomes the first manufacturer of overclocker-friendly memory modules to complement its products with special software.

The Memory Dashboard utility is a tool for controlling and monitoring the status of the memory modules. This program allows viewing all the information about the memory installed in the system, including the SPD info and the current memory settings. Besides that, the Memory Dashboard can report the real frequency, voltage, temperature and activity of Corsair’s XPERT series modules.

The Memory Dashboard is also employed to control the module’s display unit – the user can choose the outputted messages and their format. The Memory Dashboard can program the display to output any string of text up to 23 characters long. If the message is less than 10 characters long, it is just shown on the display. If it’s longer, it is being scrolled across. The duration and speed of the scrolling is set up through the Memory Dashboard, too.

The messages and the custom settings made through the Memory Dashboard are stored on the hard disk of your computer. It means that on the system startup the modules display their default messages (the module name, frequency, voltage, and temperature), and it’s only after the OS and the Memory Dashboard are booted up that your custom settings come into action.

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