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Corsair’s DDR SDRAM modules of the new XPERT series are highly promising products. It’s a clever, unique and beautiful solution – there are just no other modules with display indicators in the market. What’s the more pleasant is that the display is not just a purposeless embellishment. It is really useful, reporting about the parameters of the memory’s operation to the user. The Memory Dashboard, the first utility ever released by a memory manufacturer, is specifically intended for monitoring the status of your DDR SDRAM.

Besides that, Corsair XPERT is just high-quality memory capable of working either as DDR400 with the minimal timings or as DDR500 with less aggressive timings.

So it’s hard to remain indifferent to Corsair XPERT as it’s a unique product with excellent characteristics. The only downside is, as usual, the price. Corsair XPERT CMXP512-3200XL memory is expected to begin to sell in February, and a kit of two memory modules of 1GB in total with their display units enclosed is going to cost about $450.

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