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We were not very excited when Crucial offered us to test their new Ballistix Tactical and Ballistix Sport memory kits. How could DDR3-1600 memory, even though targeted at enthusiasts, surprise us? But it turns out that Crucial has come up with original products that can be interesting even despite their unassuming clock rates and timings.

Their main advantage is size. The dual-channel 16GB DDR-1600 SDRAM kits from the Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP and Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP series include low-profile modules which are smaller in height than ordinary ones, which makes them compatible with any CPU cooler. The new memory from Crucial will fit into any DIMM slots and won’t press against the cooler’s heat pipes with their heatsinks however intricate the cooler’s design may be.

Their second advantage is that they comply with the DDR3L standard and can work at a voltage of 1.35 volts. As we’ve found out, it doesn’t mean much in terms of savings, just one or two watts. But this ensures high frequency potential. As you can substantially increase their voltage, these modules can be overclocked to DDR3-2200 mode, which is quite an achievement. And since the Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP and Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP are not any more expensive than other DDR3-1600 products, they become a more attractive purchase in the end.

It’s up to you to decide which kit is better. The Ballistix Tactical LP has a nicer heatsink whereas the Ballistix Sports VLP is somewhat shorter.

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