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As you may have noticed we started to pay more attention to DDR2 SDRAM lately. And it has happened not just by chance. There is no doubt any more that DDR2 is going to take over the positions of DDR memory in all computer market segments. And even though right now DDr2 is an attribute of Pentium 4 platforms only, this memory standard will very soon be widely supported by Athlon 64 platforms with Socket M2 form-factor, which are planned to be announced in the beginning of next year. That is why we started paying special attention to detailed performance analysis of DDR2 memory. On the one hand, these materials help LGA775 platform owners to select the best overclocking friendly memory solutions for their today’s systems, and on the other they help AMD platform fans to prepare for the transition of their favorite systems to DDR2 SDRAM.

I would like to stress that the articles on DDR2 memory that we have already published on our site aroused huge response and interest not only from our readers, but also from the leading manufacturers of overclocker’s memory solutions for high-performance systems. Our lab receives a lot of samples, so we will continue introducing to you new memory solutions.

The today’s article is devoted to a memory modules kit for hardware enthusiasts offered by Crucial. We received their DDR2 memory modules from the Ballistix series targeted for overclockers. Although Crucial Ballistix is a very popular memory modules series in the world, and particularly in the USA, we haven’t posted that many reviews of these solutions yet, unfortunately. However, we are going to correct this mistake and in the future offer you detailed reviews of all their most exciting products.

Crucial is a company from slightly different weight category than Corsair, OCZ and other manufacturers. The unique thing (and it is certainly an advantage) about Crucial, is that they originate from one of the largest memory chip makers, Micron Company. So, unlike other overclocker’s memory kits makers, Crucial has direct access to the memory chips for their modules.

So, as I have already told you we are working on filling in the gap in reviews of Crucial memory solutions, and today we would like to introduce to you Crucial Ballistix PC2-8000 intended to conquer the 1GHz summit. So, this article will be a logical continuation of our recent review called DDR2 SDRAM for Overclocking Fans: Getting Beyond 1GHz.

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