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GeIL didn’t send us a top product. The 2GB GX22GB8000DC kit is a rather inexpensive solution, but is claimed to be able to work at 1GHz, although with 5-5-5-15 timings and at an unusually high voltage of 2.3V. GeIL showed some bravery in declaring a very high voltage that is higher than the default voltage of most other memory modules overclocked to such frequencies.

The modules aren’t remarkable externally. The memory chips are covered with an ordinary stamped aluminum bar on both sides of the PCB. The heat-spreader carries a relief manufacturer’s logo and a sticker that tells you the part number, frequency, timings and voltage of the product.

GeIL claims they test their modules on i955X-based mainboards from ASUS, MSI, Abit and Gigabyte before selling them. We didn’t have any problems with ASUS’ i975X- and iP965-based mainboards, either. However, GeIL GX22GB8000DC modules do have different properties in comparison with modules on Micron chips. GeIL obviously have chosen some other chips for that product.

The modules’ SPD chip contains information that helps enhance their compatibility with mainboards.

DDR2-400, DDR2-533 and DDR2-667 modes are listed here, so you will have to configure the modules manually in the BIOS Setup to make them work at 1GHz.

GeIL cannot match the above-described modules from Corsair in practice, though.

After choosing 4-4-4-12 timings, the GeIL GX22GB8000DC cannot conquer the 1GHz frequency even though its default voltage is higher at 2.3V than that of the competing products. But when the less aggressive timings of 5-5-5-15 are selected, these modules prove to be usable not only at 1GHz but also at 1067MHz.

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