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Crucial Ballistix BL2KIT12864AA804

Another testing participant of our today’s DDR2 race is Crucial Company with their Ballistix memory kit. I would like to make it clear right from the beginning that since Crucial is Micron’s daughter venture, Crucial Ballistix DDR2 overclocker’s memory is very popular among computer enthusiasts. Of course, since it is the memory modules built with Micron chips that beat all overclocking records these days.

Crucial Ballistix BL2KIT12864AA804 memory kit we received contains two 1GB memory DIMMs shipped in a very sturdy and original carton box. The default work mode for these modules is the same as by many of the competitor solutions. They are designed to work at 800MHz with the timings set to 4-4-4-12 at 2T Command Rate. The manufacturer’s recommended voltage setting has been raised to 2.2V.

The modules included into Crucial Ballistix PC2-8000 kit are based on original black PCB and equipped with standard stamped yellow-anodized aluminum heat-spreaders fastened with two metal clips. The URL of the company web-site and the Ballistix series name are painted in black on top of the heat-spreaders. There are no details anywhere on the modules, only a small sticker with the part number that can be used to search for the detailed product info on the company site.

The information recorded in the SPD of Crucial Ballistix BL2KIT12864AA804 looks very scarce:

Here you can only find the info on the default work mode for these modules declared by the specs. Unfortunately, it may cause some compatibility problems when the system is started for the first time, because the work mode set in the SPD requires the Vdimm to be raised above the nominal 1.8V for DDR2. In other words, in some cases the default memory settings may not be operational unless you manually increase Vdimm.

Crucial Ballistix BL2KIT12864AA804 demonstrated very remarkable results in our tests:

First of all I would like to point out that this is the only memory kit in our today’s testing that worked fine at the most aggressive timings of 3-2-2-8. However, with all other timing settings it lost to the above described competitor from Corsair. However, I have to say that at 4-4-4-12 timings it ensured stable operation of the system at frequencies very close to 900MHz. Although Crucial Ballistix BL2KIT12864AA804 failed to perform as PC2-8500: with the least aggressive timing settings possible and the highest Vdimm it has hardly got over the 1GHz bar.

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