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DDR2 SDRAM has become faster! Earlier we had to admit that memory of that type had a lower performance than ordinary DDR400 SDRAM in real applications due to a too high latency, but now it’s time to revise this supposition. New DDR2-533 SDRAM modules with timings reduced to 3-3-3 can challenge fastest DDR400 SDRAM sticks, and this means that one of the main disadvantages of the LGA775 platform is eliminated. Now the transition to an i925/i915-based mainboard becomes the more appealing option. The only thing to take care about is the choice of the particular DDR2 memory modules as their quality will determine the speed of your computer.

Considering the fact that DDR2 technology is going to develop towards both lower timings and higher frequencies, its advantages over DDR SDRAM become the more conspicuous. DDR2 modules with more aggressive timings are most likely to appear in the future, boosting the performance of the LGA775 platform even higher.

As for recommendations about the choice of memory, all DDR2 SDRAM kits presented in this review deserve your attention, but we would want to specifically mention the PC2 4200 Enhanced Bandwidth Platinum modules from OCZ that feature an excellent speed and overclockability. If it were not for the compatibility problems we met when testing this memory, we’d call it the best offer for today. The Corsair CM2X512-5300C4PRO modules offer an impeccable compatibility with different mainboards; they are fast and support aggressive timings at 533MHz frequency.

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