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OCZ PC2 4200 Enhanced Bandwidth Platinum

The second pair of DDR2 modules we received from OCZ is a real masterpiece of engineering art. The main distinguishing trait of the OCZ PC2 4200 Enhanced Bandwidth Platinum memory is its extremely low timings. For example, these modules are rated to work with 3-2-2-8 latencies at 533MHz, which should result in an extraordinary performance.

These sticks carry copper heatsinks with mirror platinum-color sputter coating and support of Extended Voltage Protection technology that allows for a safe exploitation of the modules at operational voltages up to 2.2v. Of course, these sticks come with a lifetime warranty and are manually tested before packaging and shipping for their compliance with the specification.

The SPD info echoes the official specification: these modules are operational at 266MHz with 3-2-2-8 timings. Our practical tests showed that besides the low timings these modules could boast an excellent operability at high frequencies.

There’s however one compatibility problem: our ABIT AA8 DuraMAX mainboard refused to start up with OCZ PC2 4200 Enhanced Bandwidth Platinum installed.


PQI hasn’t yet become a widely recognized memory maker like Corsair or OCZ, but this company is trying hard to become one of the leading makers of advanced memory modules. PQI offered us a pair of PQI25400 modules intended for 667MHz frequency, 4-4-4-12 timings and 2v voltage.

Like the renowned manufacturers of overclocker-friendly memory, PQI puts all its modules under strict factory tests and supplies them with a lifetime warranty.

The heatsinks on PQI’s memory look solid enough, too. They are two copper plates with mirror-like sputter coating, fastened with a steel clip that carries the manufacturer’s logo.

Although the PQI25400 modules are rated to work at 667MHz, the SPD chip has nothing to say about that. 533MHz is set as the maximum clock rate for that memory, with 4-4-4-11 or 5-4-4-11 timings. Our tests, however, prove that the PQI25400 modules can work at 667MHz, so the official specification is right now, rather than the SPD information.

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