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We used to say that DDR2 SDRAM had no advantages over DDR SDRAM, but it is different now. The design of memory chips makes it easier to increase the frequency of DDR2 than it was with DDR1 and the performance of DDR2 systems improves as the result of the frequency of overclocker-friendly DDR2 SDRAM having grown up to 1 gigahertz. That’s why we are absolutely sure today that the transition to DDR2 SDRAM does make sense.

Today the best choice for PC enthusiasts and overclockers that stick to the Pentium platform is Intel’s new i955 and i945 chipsets as well as NVIDIA’s nForce4 SLI Intel Edition. These chipsets are all capable of working with high-speed DDR2 SDRAM.

In the AMD camp, DDR2-supporting systems for the Athlon 64 are expected to emerge in the second quarter of the next year. We can hope for a certain performance growth with these systems, too, due to the transition to the more progressive memory types.

As for supply, the manufacturers of overclocker-friendly DDR SDRAM modules are steadily mastering the production of DDR2 SDRAM with high frequencies and low timings. The leading companies like Corsair, Mushkin and OCZ already offer modules with impressive characteristics.

So, even though DDR2 SDRAM hasn’t become widely popular in the first year of its being on the market, it is going to rule it in the future. We have no doubt about that.

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