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Wintec 3AXH1600C9-4096K

Wintec Industries solutions are not so well-known among computer users. However, this manufacturer is not a new name in the memory world. Wintec used to focus mostly on the OEM market before. However, they decided to pay more attention to the retail channel lately that is why the AMPX product series emerged. This series includes our today’s hero - Wintec 3AXH1600C9-4096K modules. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of Wintec branded products – this memory maker has stood the test of time well enough. Besides, being not so well-known, Wintec Industries products can offer a good financial win, because their AMPX modules are on average cheaper than the similar solutions from other makers.

Wintec 3AXH1600C9-4096K exterior doesn’t have any distinguishing features. These are common memory modules with standard stamped heat-spreaders colored black. They are shipped in traditional plastic packaging. Even the embossed AMPX logo on the heat-spreader is none other but a painted piece of plastic glued to the heat-spreader.

The official modules specs do not make us feel any better about the Wintec 3AXH1600C9-4096K modules, because they seem to be considerably weaker than what competitors have to offer:

  • 2 DDR3 SDRAM modules, 2GB each;
  • Frequency: 1600MHz;
  • CAS Latency – 9, timings configuration: unknown;
  • Voltage: 1.8V.

Moreover, we couldn’t find the complete spec sheet for this memory type on the official Wintec Industries site.

However, the contents of the modules SPD turned out a real shocker! Part Number line for the modules from this maker reported that they belong to the DDR3-1600 Titanium Edition series from OCZ. I believe even the biggest skeptics will now have no doubts about the quality of Wintec memory modules: it turns out that OCZ sells the exact same memory modules under their own trademark. Moreover, if these particular modules are available under OCZ brand, they have much better specifications, namely, CAS Latency 7. Wintec’s specifications claim CAS Latency 9, which means we can expect great overclocking results.

Full set of SPD parameters of Wintec 3AXH1600C9-4096K kit also indicates that these modules can do much more than the manufacturer promises. The existing XMP profiles suggest using this memory with 8-8-8-28 and 7-6-6-28 timings, which prove quite operational. In other words, these memory modules are a great opportunity to save some money for those who care more about the actual functionality rather than the popular brand. In fact, Wintec offers top OCZ memory with different heat-spreaders at a low price.

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