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OCZ OCZ3P1600LV6GK (Platinum Edition)

OCZ OCZ3P1600LV6GK memory modules belong to the Platinum Edition series. On the one hand it includes memory modules with low latencies, but on the other uses standard heat-spreaders for heat dissipation. However, in OCZ’s case heat-spreaders are not really that standard. In reality they stand out greatly among many of their competitors: they are made of solid copper instead of aluminum and have unique meshed structure. The manufacturer has even come up with a special name for them – Platinum Z3 XTC. The advantages of a cooling solution like that are obvious: while the size of these heat-spreaders remains standard, they dissipate heat way better due to larger effecting cooling surface and additional air circulation. Although it is important to keep in mind that DDR3 memory for Core i7 systems mostly works at low voltages of 1.65 V and hence doesn’t produce too much heat.

However, unique heat-spreaders are not the primary advantage of OCZ memory modules. This DDR3-1600 Platinum Edition kit supports 7-7-7-24 timings – the absolute best timings set among all our today’s testing participants. It is especially nice to see that the use of such aggressive timings didn’t result into any voltage increase beyond the recommended 1.65 V (like in Kingmax modules, for instance), or into any retail price increase.

 At the same time, OCZ3P1600LV6GK modules appeared to have no XMP technology support, so you can only set these low memory timings manually in the mainboard BIOS Setup.

OCZ OCZ3PR1600LV6GK (Reaper)

If for some reason you were not ultimately impressed with DDR3-1600 OCZ Platinum Edition memory despite its shining Platinum Z3 XTC heat-spreaders, OCZ has another unique modification to offer you – the Reaper module series. In terms of formal specifications, DDR3-1600 Reaper memory with OCZ3RPR1600LV6GK model name is not too different from the above described Platinum Edition kit. iT also supports default timings of 7-7-7-24 and standard voltage of 1.65 V, which is standard for overclocker LGA1366 solutions.

However, as for the features distinguishing the Reaper kit from the Platinum Edition series as well as other DDR3-1600 SDRAM kits participating in our today’s review, we should definitely point out Reaper’s unique cooling system. Reaper modules are the only solutions using aluminum heat-spreaders with a heatpipes. Frankly speaking, the use of heatpipe technology in this case is pure marketing. Low-voltage DDR3 memory heats up very little and even primitive stamped aluminum heat-spreader plates can cool it well enough. Therefore, the real benefit from such sophisticated cooling system for Core i7 DDR3-1600 SDRAM consisting of two parts seems to be primarily in providing these memory modules with high-tech looks. And that is a pretty arguable advantage, isn’t it?

Keeping in mind what we have just said, we do not recommend to give up Platinum Edition series in favor of OCZ Reaper kits, because it will most likely perform just as well, although it is obviously selling at a lower price. Moreover, the heat-spreaders with heatpipes on them are extremely tall, so it may be tricky to fit Reaper memory modules into LGA1366 systems.

The SPD of OCZ DDR3-1600 Reaper modules is the same as the SPD of Platinum Edition modules. Here again OCZ engineers didn’t implement XMP profiles support, but they provided several “safe” settings profiles instead. As a result, the user will have to be directly involved into configuring the OCZ3RPR1600LV6GK timings correctly through BIOS Setup.

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