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Patriot PVT36G1600LLK (Viper)

Patriot Company followed in their competitors’ footsteps and equipped their DDR3-1600 memory modules for LGA1366 systems with pretty tall aluminum heat-spreaders with comb-shaped top edge. Of course, they look very appealing, especially in Patriots color of choice, but we do not approve of this choice of cooling solutions by many memory makers. These tall heat-spreaders may make it really hard to fit these modules beneath a large processor cooler, and they can hardly be removed because they are stuck using very secure thermal glue.

Although the memory modules from Patriot that we received for our tests were marked as “LLK” at the end, which means “Low Latency Kit”, the default memory timings of these modules are quite common and not really low. These modules support 8-8-8-24 timings at 1.65 V voltage. So, when it comes to specifications, there is nothing that we could be surprised with.

However, unlike many of their competitors, Patriot engineers took the time to create an XMP profile for their memory modules, which allows you to configure this memory in the BIOS Setup in the most optimal way by just a few keystrokes.

Super Talent WA160UX6G9 (Gold Series)

Super Talent Company provided us with a very unique kit for our tests, which doesn’t seem t have any analogues in terms of its specifications. While all enthusiast memory makers increased the nominal voltage for their modules to 1.65 V – the official safe maximum, according to Intel – Super Talent took a different path. The overclocker modules from this maker are designed for 1.5 V – JEDEC standard voltage for regular DDR3 SDRAM. Despite this pretty low voltage setting, this DDR3-1600 memory from the Gold series really does work at 1600 MHz frequency. Although its timings are increased to 9-9-9-27, I believe that those users who care a lot about optimal electrical and thermal specifications will easily forgive WA160UX6G9 kit for that.

However, there is one absolutely inexplicable thing about these modules: the use of tall heat-spreaders with comb-shaped upper edge. DDR3-1600 can work perfectly fine with short heat-spreaders even at higher voltages, which we have already seen many times in our previous tests. And 1.5 V setting is certainly out of the question. As a result, when you purchase a Super Talent WA160UX6G9 kit, you should make sure that these tall heat-spreaders will not interfere with your processor cooler.

We noticed another strange thing when we checked out the XMP profiles. The only optimized profile for some reason stated 1.9 V voltage instead of 1.5 V. It is a very dangerous issue that can cause a lot of trouble for those who are used to trusting the default settings without checking them out first. Therefore, if you have made up your mind to go with this low-voltage memory from the Gold Series by Super Talent, be aware of this possible issue and check the voltage settings carefully before activating them.

Wintec 3AXH1600C8WS6GT (AMPX)

Wintec Company hasn’t been in the enthusiast market for a long time yet, but nevertheless, they have already become one of our favorites. And once again, this time during the tests of their 6 GB DDR3-1600 memory we were very pleased to discover that this is one of the least expensive solutions with very competitive specifications. In terms of timings AMPX 3AXH1600C8WS6GT memory is just as good as most of the competitors’ offerings: it supports 8-8-8-24 timings. The default voltage is also quite what we expected it to be: the usual 1.65 V.

The use of aluminum heat-spreaders of standard size is a definite advantage of Wintec memory kit. Therefore, we can guarantee that these modules will be fully compatible with massive processor coolers.

Unfortunately, Wintec modules do not support such a useful feature as XMP profiles.

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